Update ..... July 2019

Thanks to your support, since January 2018 we have provided the following medical equipment:

·(178) Home Blood Pressure Monitors; INR Blood coagulation monitor

· (6) Office Blood Pressure Monitors; Doppler with cuffs

· Spirometer syringe; Clini-cart emergency trolley

· (2) Seca digital baby scales

· Dermatoscope & Welch Allyn procedure light

  ·  LifePak15 and a Lucas Automatic Chest Compression unit and related equipment

· A new larger van to deliver prescriptions and move equipment   

With your continuing support we are raising funds towards further equipment purchases. Our major project is a microscope microsuction unit and more hydraulic couches.  



New Home BP Monitors ..... July 2019

For over 20 years, the trust has been providing home blood pressure monitors to patients in South Kesteven. The trust continues this work and embarked on a project to identify patients with Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation, a major indicator  of the likelihood of an ischaemic stroke. Based on statistics from the Stroke Association, we believe there might be 91 patients at risk within our area

In January 2018, with funding from T Balfe Construction, the Co-op Local Community Fund and our own resources, we purchased 178 new Home blood pressure monitors, which provide blood pressure readings and can identify atrial fibrillation. In the 18 months of usage, these monitors have been  used to test 1,800 patients  and have been used to treat 140 patients with hypertension and  have identified 47 patients with undiagnosed atrial fibrillation who are now receiving treatment to reduce the risks from this condition.


Supporters .....July 2019

We are looking for additional  supporters  to help your Trust. If you are  willing to spend up to 12 hours a year on simple tasks such as selling Grand  Draw tickets at the flu clinics and emptying collection boxes, we would like you to make contact by leaving your contact information at the surgeries  or by emailing

Through these two activities we raised over £2,000 in 2018 and our aim in 2019 is to exceed this total. Your help is vital so please give something back to help enhance our 'Outstanding' practice.